AdApptive empowers Developers to monetize Apps through high-impact
ad formats that match users with engaging app content

The AdApptive technology platform is Mobile-First and leverages real-time data and user interests in order to help consumers discover new app content. Enterprise level technology delivers relevant content to millions of mobile consumers across Android and iOS devices each month.

By enabling the discovery of highly relevant app content, app promoters are reimagining advertising for a destination-less world, leaving app users with highly interactive and visually rich experiences. This discovery of app content ensures deep consumer attention across a multitude of apps.

Technology that delivers higher revenue than the competition

Developers feel confident knowing that the underlying technology serving users is constantly working to maximize revenue. This sets AdApptive apart from the pack. Advanced algorithms, advanced targeting and a larger, more diverse pool of high quality advertisers generates real results. This means more revenue in the Developers' pockets.

Custom Formats

Interactive ad formats that are respectful of the user experience and easy to implement. They easily fit within the design aesthetic of your mobile app.

New Revenue, New Inventory

Our ad formats create new inventory for your app which meets the demand from mobile app promoters.

Continuous Optimization

We constantly A/B test format layouts, session depth offer combinations and styles to maximize revenue for every app placement.

Unlock consumers' emotions and awareness through the discovery experience

AdApptive's technology enables App Promoters to find better users through the discovery process by leveraging real-time data. AdApptive allows promotes to find the best consumers at the right time and re-engage them. AdApptive ad units are designed to deliver the best user experience that holds consumer attention, drives engagement and helps app promoters reach their marketing goals.

Promote your App

Promote your app content across a growing channel of premium apps. Dedicated ad placements mean better performance, tracking and reporting.

Increased ROI

Organically promote your app to quality users with proven higher life-time values. Campaigns are optimized to find the highest performance placements to offer the best return on ad spend.

Effective Discovery

Dynamically optimized to maximize KPIs and promote your app content in the right context, to the right audience. Our exclusive ad placements include in-content, footer, and a unique placement called the Wrapper. The Wrapper includes a header and footer placement along with in-content units.

Get started with the AdApptive SDK

Integrate AdApptive's lightweight SDK to leverage data-driven insights which reach your consumers on mobile. Start monetizing more effectively today.

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